Awhile ago I directed and edited this little video for Fisher-Price to demonstrate how kids play with Spinnyos, which is one of their newest products. These are kind of like funkier, magnetic versions of those bead-and-wire toys that we always used to play with at the doctor’s office when I was a kid.

Remember these things? Good times.

It’s actually a pretty fun toy, the most exciting part being the discovery of all it’s different features. The trouble with that is that during filming we only had each kid for a half an hour, and it takes almost that long just to figure out all the kooky ways you can play with it.

In order to get the reactions we were looking for, I started sitting on the floor and playing with the toy as each new kid arrived on set. Then, they could see the thing in action and jump right in to having fun with it themselves, and we could get footage that was more exciting than some poor kid staring in confusion at a mountain of weirdly shaped plastic.

I had thought that this video was for internal-only purposes, I was so surprised to come across it on Youtube tonight!