Dancing poop! Frustrated t-rex! A cheeky spider! All ingredients for a super fun project. I was thrilled to jump on board for this project and work with Loja's amazing art director/animator/illustrator extraordinaire, Barbara Astrini. I got to bring to life a couple characters for this series of videos for the Wow In the World podcast, all set to very catchy songs and in just the brightest and most fun color palette anybody could ask for. And I mean really, who doesn't want to animate a dancing poop?


I was responsible for the cel animation for the poop character & t-rex closeups, as well as DUIK rigs for the T-Rex, Bee and Spider. I created some looping dance animations with all those guys before handing them over to be used by other animators on the team as well!


Character Animation for Poop, Spider, T-Rex and Bee: Katie Wynkoop
Art Direction/Illustration/Motion Design: Barbara Astrini-Currie


The rest of the team that worked on this series is credited here!