With the introduction of the Loud House family and all of their shenanigans to the 3-dimensional 'real' world, we also needed an appropriately real and 3D graphics package to make sure everyone knew this was a new and different telling of this story. Jessica was a fantastic designer to work with, and she came up with this really great comic-book-esque look that really took the loud house look off the page and made it, for lack of a better word, pop. I animated this in Cinema 4D, lit it using Octane, and used a combination of xpresso and essential properties in After Effects to make it as easy to version and iterate as possible; especially when packages involve 3D type, I find it so important to make it as quick and painless as possible to create new tags. Last minute requests are not uncommon so quick turnaround are so important!




Model/Texture/Light/Animation/Compositing: Katie Wynkoop
Design: Jessica Ramirez
Art Direction: Giancarlo Barrera