'Out and About' Handmade Pop Up Book

Epic Travel Diary

This project chronicled some of the highlights of my semester abroad in college, while allowing me to explore the art of paper engineering to create interactive pop-up elements. After much research, mock-ups, and several bottles of glue, I created this final, hand-bound book that contains 8 fulls interactive pop-up spreads, with a variety of mechanical elements throughout.

Once my 'white book' mock-ups were finished, I dismantled them, scanned in the final shapes of all the elements, and digitally illustrated each piece. I drew inspiration for the spreads and art styles from the sketchbook/journal that I kept while traveling, and then made friends with Dan the print technician in my university library, who helped me print out all of my final full-size spreads on extra large, off-the-books photo paper in the print shop. (Thanks Dan! Forever grateful!!)

After hand-cutting everything back out and re-assembling the fully colored pop-ups, I spent one long, very anxious night binding them all together and trying not to ruin the whole thing on the very last step. It was close, but in the end I pulled it together.

career fair graphic book-16