I directed this Noggin app exclusive short, hosted by Gil of the Bubble Guppies and featuring Goby (Bubble Guppies), Everest (Paw Patrol) and Nella the Princess Knight. World of Sports is intended to be a series of recurring sports desk segments that will teach young viewers about different sports and how they are played around the world.

Apart from directing the animator who worked on Gil and Goby's segments, I modeled, textured, lit and rendered the studio environment and composited and animated all of the motion graphics within the short. I also animated Everest and Nella's segments. I really loved the designs that Ji did for this short, and had a lot of fun animating this very colorful version of a sports desk show!



Art Director: JungIn Yun
Designer: Ji Cho
Animator (Gil and Goby): Tony Gaeta
Writer/Edit: Emily Heusted