Nick Jr Holiday 2019 Package

Ryan's Winter Funderland

I was tasked with directing/animating the entire Nick Jr on-air holiday package for 2019. The campaign was centered around Ryan, star of Ryan's Mystery Playdate. A 'winter wonderland' pop-up style village set was created for the video shoot, in which he was tasked with completing a variety of activities in order to help Santa save Christmas.

The package was designed to emulate that real-life set, so I used a shallow 3D animation style, diy-esque textures and depth of field to mirror the live-action footage that appears in the rest of the campaign.

I also created the motion graphic 'game-show' elements that were used on some of the other interstitial segments, seen in the "Crazy Christmas Card Challenge" below.



Director: Scott Kennell
Art Direction: JungIn Yun
Animation: Me!
Design: Jimin Lee

Crazy Christmas Card Challenge Interstitial