We're often in need of 'combo' packages for Nick Jr On-Air spots, meaning graphics packages that combine two or more properties in order to support spots that are marketing multiple new episodes. Usually these are needed on especially quick turnarounds, so packaging that is versatile and easy to version and render for different shows and characters is ideal. I was given these designs to animate and tasked with animating them in a way that is easily mix-and-matchable. To do that I made sure that the transition from the tune-in card to the nick button looks seamless, even though those are separate deliverables. This toolkit is also set up in a way that allows the colors, icons, character rotos and type to be easily changed using expressions and Master Properties so that in the future, customizing this for new combinations of characters will hopefully be a breeze!


Animation: Katie Wynkoop
Design: Minha Kim
Art Direction: JungIn Yun