"Lands Away" was my thesis film at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, created as part of the completion of my BFA in Studio Arts and English Literature. Inspired by Emily Dickinson's poem "There is no frigate like a book" and my own love of books, paper craft and stop motion, the film was an experiment in paper sculpture and animation while bringing together my dual-major courses of study.

Thesis statement from the time--
A reflection and a celebration of the impact that literature, and fairy tales in particular, have made on our culture. It looks at the ways in which certain stories have become a part of the collective consciousness, to the point where they can be recognized at a glance. Well-known themes from fairy tales are created as sculptures constructed of books and then brought to life using stop-motion animation, creating a short movie that visually presents the intangible images normally held within the words on a book’s page.