For the 25th Anniversary of the launch of Blue's Clues, the Nick Jr Brand team created this extremely heartwarming music video as an ode to all the fans that have made the show so special over the years. All three hosts of the show came together with Blue and the gang to put together a big mural of art from lots of fans, old and new. As animation supervisor for this video, I worked with producer and a team of animators, lighters, and compositors to add Blue, Magenta, Mr Salt, Mrs Pepper, Tickety, Slippery, Mailbox, Sidetable, Shovel and Pail to into the video footage that we shot to help bring it into the world of the show. I also animated two of the 2D Harmony scenes, the SFX on the skidoo shot, the thought bubbles and one of the Blue shots along with assorted compositing/camera tracking tasks. It was a lot of fun and this video came out SO adorable.


Animation Supervisor: Katie Wynkoop
Storyboarding: Lee Milby
3D Animators: Michelle Acuña, Amanda Clark, Lilly Chin Hong, Nicole Morciniec, Winnie Feng
2D Animators: Yvonne Kwok
Compositing/Lighting/Rendering: Seb Rosero, Andrew Noh, Brittany Laureano, Annie Chien
Colorist: Charles Kline
Design: Thanh Nguyen
Art Direction: JungIn Yun
Producer: Natalia Gonzalez