One of my most recent projects at Fisher-Price was to create four music videos as entertainment content for the new BrightBeats Beatbo toy, a funny little DJ character of indeterminate species. For the initial phases of this project, I modeled and animated a preliminary 3D character based off of control art to demonstrate how he might move in 3D space. Later, when the client decided that 3D was how they wanted to go, he was re-modeled and rigged by the other members of my team and we created these videos. The character animation was a group effort, and after it was completed I took over on the compositing end, creating the backgrounds, effects, and transitions to put Beatbo in his own funky little world.

Beatbo Boogie

Responsible for compositing & effects, intro and outro graphics, & character animation on very last shot.

ABC Dance

Responsible for character animation of choruses, compositing & effects, intro and outro graphics

Freeze Dance

Responsible for some character animation, all compositing & effects, intro and outro graphics, BG effects.

Shake It Up

Responsible in part for Intro Animation and Effects layout