When I saw the first round of designs for this package, I got so excited and couldn't WAIT to animate it. Such a bedazzled-looking feast of gradients, I mean come onnnnnn. After animating the package, I also helped out with graphics for the Seaweed Sway music video that accompanied this special episode, creating the mortise animations, transitions, and helping out with the compositing styles. This was a very high-profile campaign that involved a huge team and a lot of elements in a pretty short amount of time, but we did it and I think it turned out really fantastic.


On-Air Graphics Package Animation & Additional Graphics: Katie Wynkoop
Design: Thanh Nguyen
Art Direction: Jungin Yun
Additional animation (character anim and icon modeling): Annie Chien,  Seulgi Kim, Yvonne Kwok, Jimin Lee, Alex Davidson, Minha Kim