For the Summer 2020 campaign at Nick Jr, the entire campaign was created just after we began working from home; our team did a lot of character animation, inserting our Nick Jr family into live action footage along with a lot of colorful, splashy designs. I took the lead of the 2D/compositing side of things, organizing projects and making sure all of the necessary rotoscoping, camera tracking, and keying got done. I also contributed some cel animation and had a lot of fun turning one little boy into an astronaut in a very cool pink suit.


Lead Animators: Michelle Acuña, Amanda Clark, Katie Wynkoop
Animators: Jason Willmann, Yvonne Kwok, Andres Kwon, Annie Chien, Ji Cho, Lilly Hong Chin
Lighting/Rendering/Compositing: Sebastian Rosero, Andrew Noh, Sarika Persaud
Art Director: Jungin Yun
Designers: Jimin Lee, Thanh Nguyen