A whole year since my last post! I’m clearly excellent at upkeep, but I have a good reason – I’ve spent the last 11 months as a design animator at Fisher-Price. It’s been a blast, and I really loved the people and the projects (getting to play with toys all day isn’t bad either). The only problem with working for a toy company is that *most* of my projects pertained to unreleased concepts and products, and since competition is apparently pretty stiff in the playthings world, it’s all super secret. So I can’t show off all the cool stuff I got to do! The majority of it was 3D character animation and motion graphics, with a little film editing and 3D modeling thrown in. I learned so much there, about technical skills and workflows and working with a team, and seeing how a giant company operates was very interesting as well.

So that’s the bad news: no showing off.
But I’m working on new personal and collaborative projects right now, and those will be up here in no time.