Fisher-Price Spinnyos: Playlab Video

October 13, 2015By katiewynAnimation, Other Work

Awhile ago I directed and edited this little video for Fisher-Price to demonstrate how kids play with Spinnyos, which is one of their newest products. These are kind of like funkier, magnetic versions of those bead-and-wire toys that we always used to play with at the doctor’s office when I was a kid. It’s actually … Read More

Embroidery for Dummies

October 13, 2015By katiewynIllustration, Uncategorized

Trying to learn how to embroider. Results are questionable…there’s just SO MANY colors of thread that the only reasonable color palette my brain will allow is one that uses all of the colors, in no particular order and with limited readability.   Unnecessary amounts of color strike again: I gave this to my old college … Read More

Thank Yous

May 20, 2015By katiewynGraphic Design, Illustration

Today I made up some thank you cards – something I’ve been meaning to get around to for awhile. Sending clients a little thank you after they are awesome enough to work with me seems like the least I can do. I’m always so thrilled to get to share in the passions of others and … Read More

Vidler’s Elixirs Progress

May 16, 2015By katiewynGraphic Design, Illustration

I started this project about a week ago when I found myself a little extra time. It was inspired by this very lovely class by Mary-Kate McDevitt that was free on Skillshare a couple weeks back. She does a great job of laying out her whole process and if you’re at all interested in vintage … Read More

NDA All Day

May 16, 2015By katiewynUncategorized

A whole year since my last post! I’m clearly excellent at upkeep, but I have a good reason – I’ve spent the last 11 months as a design animator at Fisher-Price. It’s been a blast, and I really loved the people and the projects (getting to play with toys all day isn’t bad either). The … Read More

Zombie Girl

May 18, 2014By katiewynIllustration

I painted this lovely lady a few months ago for an art test. She’s supposed to be loveable yet disgusting…so you can feel free let me know if I succeeded.

Bikes Bikes Bikes

May 13, 2014By katiewynUncategorized

Someone posted a really pretty Fuji Feather on SCAD’s For Sale group the other day and another person beat me to buying it. Not that there’s anything wrong with my commuter bike, but now I really miss having my road bike. It’s so pretty and fast and not even close to being in the same … Read More


May 12, 2014By katiewynAnimation

I’ve had these images by photographer Rune Guneriusson on my radar for a few years now. His combination of vintage lamps with improbable settings is magical and mysterious and reminds me a lot of Lewis Carroll – I wish I could step into one of his environments and find out where these paths of lamps … Read More

Bucket List: Tree House

May 11, 2014By katiewynIllustration

I hope someday I can be brave enough to stop making excuses and just do all the things I want to do. My ‘bucket list’ is getting a little out of hand, though – it would seem that I want to just just about everything. To help myself narrow down the most important adventures, I’ve … Read More