Map! My Walk to Work

June 1, 2016By katiewynGraphic Design, Illustration

I walk to work everyday. Sometimes I take different routes, but mostly it’s always the same path. I see a lot of the same things, but some days I notice things I’ve never seen before. It’s awesome. I love it. I am forever spoiled by my commute and when I inevitably have to drive to … Read More

I Joined Dribbble!

December 30, 2015By katiewynAnimation, Graphic Design, Illustration

A few months ago I started hardcore following some designers on Dribbble – and discovered that there’s a whole community there of amazing inspiration (a lot of copycat-ing too, but that’s how we learn, I guess). Anyway, I decided that I wanted in, and the user Second Eight was nice enough to give me one … Read More

Happy Holidays!!

December 30, 2015By katiewynAnimation, Illustration

Made a little yule log for everyone’s holiday season. It’s freakishly warm here in New England, but staying warm and cozy is still a top Christmas priority. Hope y’all have a good one.

Come. We FLY!!!! Happy Halloween!

November 2, 2015By katiewynAnimation, Illustration

A little experiment using DUIK, also getting into the Halloween Spirit. I designed some Hocus Pocus puppets a week or two ago with the intention of learning how to rig using DUIK tools, since r15 was just released and it’s about time I jumped on that bandwagon. Not too bad, but I’ve definitely got some … Read More

Embroidery for Dummies

October 13, 2015By katiewynIllustration, Uncategorized

Trying to learn how to embroider. Results are questionable…there’s just SO MANY colors of thread that the only reasonable color palette my brain will allow is one that uses all of the colors, in no particular order and with limited readability.   Unnecessary amounts of color strike again: I gave this to my old college … Read More

Thank Yous

May 20, 2015By katiewynGraphic Design, Illustration

Today I made up some thank you cards – something I’ve been meaning to get around to for awhile. Sending clients a little thank you after they are awesome enough to work with me seems like the least I can do. I’m always so thrilled to get to share in the passions of others and … Read More

Vidler’s Elixirs Progress

May 16, 2015By katiewynGraphic Design, Illustration

I started this project about a week ago when I found myself a little extra time. It was inspired by this very lovely class by Mary-Kate McDevitt that was free on Skillshare a couple weeks back. She does a great job of laying out her whole process and if you’re at all interested in vintage … Read More

Zombie Girl

May 18, 2014By katiewynIllustration

I painted this lovely lady a few months ago for an art test. She’s supposed to be loveable yet disgusting…so you can feel free let me know if I succeeded.