January 1, 2017By katiewynGraphic Design

For #goodtypetuesday AND #artsnackschallenge, I used my very last Art Snacks box (I got a neat year-long subscription to their goodies for Christmas last year) to practice some type and get a head start on some of my resolutions for 2017. Here’s hoping I can even pretend to stick to them. 🙂 Save

Map! My Walk to Work

June 1, 2016By katiewynGraphic Design, Illustration

I walk to work everyday. Sometimes I take different routes, but mostly it’s always the same path. I see a lot of the same things, but some days I notice things I’ve never seen before. It’s awesome. I love it. I am forever spoiled by my commute and when I inevitably have to drive to … Read More

I Joined Dribbble!

December 30, 2015By katiewynAnimation, Graphic Design, Illustration

A few months ago I started hardcore following some designers on Dribbble – and discovered that there’s a whole community there of amazing inspiration (a lot of copycat-ing too, but that’s how we learn, I guess). Anyway, I decided that I wanted in, and the user Second Eight was nice enough to give me one … Read More

Unlucky 7 Intro Graphics

November 1, 2015By katiewynAnimation, Graphic Design

I helped out a friend from SCAD – who is a very creative modeller and illustrator – with her MFA thesis film. Over the year that she was working on it I only did a few bits and pieces, but the title graphics and print collateral were my job. All credit to Carolina Kowalczyk for … Read More

Thank Yous

May 20, 2015By katiewynGraphic Design, Illustration

Today I made up some thank you cards – something I’ve been meaning to get around to for awhile. Sending clients a little thank you after they are awesome enough to work with me seems like the least I can do. I’m always so thrilled to get to share in the passions of others and … Read More

Vidler’s Elixirs Progress

May 16, 2015By katiewynGraphic Design, Illustration

I started this project about a week ago when I found myself a little extra time. It was inspired by this very lovely class by Mary-Kate McDevitt that was free on Skillshare a couple weeks back. She does a great job of laying out her whole process and if you’re at all interested in vintage … Read More

The Unlucky Seven

May 11, 2014By katiewynGraphic Design

So I’ve agreed to help out a friend on her thesis film – as the producer! Not my normal gig, but so far it’s pretty cool. There’s something sort of calming about making copious amounts of checklists and spreadsheets.   We needed a new promotional poster though, and I snagged that duty for myself so … Read More