Rusty Rivets Billboard

December 27, 2016By katiewynAnimation

A video billboard I made for the lobby of the Viacom HQ building for the November premiere of the new Rusty Rivets show on Nickelodeon.

I Joined Dribbble!

December 30, 2015By katiewynAnimation, Graphic Design, Illustration

A few months ago I started hardcore following some designers on Dribbble – and discovered that there’s a whole community there of amazing inspiration (a lot of copycat-ing too, but that’s how we learn, I guess). Anyway, I decided that I wanted in, and the user Second Eight was nice enough to give me one … Read More

Happy Holidays!!

December 30, 2015By katiewynAnimation, Illustration

Made a little yule log for everyone’s holiday season. It’s freakishly warm here in New England, but staying warm and cozy is still a top Christmas priority. Hope y’all have a good one.

Come. We FLY!!!! Happy Halloween!

November 2, 2015By katiewynAnimation, Illustration

A little experiment using DUIK, also getting into the Halloween Spirit. I designed some Hocus Pocus puppets a week or two ago with the intention of learning how to rig using DUIK tools, since r15 was just released and it’s about time I jumped on that bandwagon. Not too bad, but I’ve definitely got some … Read More

Unlucky 7 Intro Graphics

November 1, 2015By katiewynAnimation, Graphic Design

I helped out a friend from SCAD – who is a very creative modeller and illustrator – with her MFA thesis film. Over the year that she was working on it I only did a few bits and pieces, but the title graphics and print collateral were my job. All credit to Carolina Kowalczyk for … Read More

New Stuff Incoming!

October 14, 2015By katiewynAnimation

I’ve been working on a few things at Fisher-Price that will be released to the public soon – fancy new toys need fancy new motion graphics, and I’m totally the girl for those. I’ve got a few personal projects in the works that may actually see the light of day pretty soon too! It’s so … Read More

Fisher-Price Spinnyos: Playlab Video

October 13, 2015By katiewynAnimation, Other Work

Awhile ago I directed and edited this little video for Fisher-Price to demonstrate how kids play with Spinnyos, which is one of their newest products. These are kind of like funkier, magnetic versions of those bead-and-wire toys that we always used to play with at the doctor’s office when I was a kid. It’s actually … Read More


May 12, 2014By katiewynAnimation

I’ve had these images by photographer Rune Guneriusson on my radar for a few years now. His combination of vintage lamps with improbable settings is magical and mysterious and reminds me a lot of Lewis Carroll – I wish I could step into one of his environments and find out where these paths of lamps … Read More