Hi! I'm Katie

I'm a senior 2D/3D motion designer and animator

Motion Graphics
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As an award-winning animator, designer and illustrator, I've spent the last 10 years working to create high-quality visuals for a variety of clients and agencies. From infographics to music videos and everything in between, I've brought my love of animation and storytelling to a wide array of projects and a diverse range of media. As a generalist, I am all about using the right tools for the job. Whether that means cel, slick AE keyframes, 2D puppets, cool 3D mograph or Maya character animation, my wide ranging skillset and love of learning new techniques makes me a versatile part of any project, or the perfect person to take an idea from start to finish!

After spending a few years playing with toys on the content team at Fisher-Price, I'm now based in NYC as part of the on-air branding and content department at Nick Jr. There, I've been lucky enough to work not only on on-air packaging and promo spots, but also on short-form entertainment and educational content, such as "Girls in Charge," a badass inspirational short about the power of young girls to create and excel that won my team a Daytime Creative Emmy in 2018. I love the idea of reaching a preschool audience in ways that can help them create a positive and optimistic future for themselves and the world.